As we have already briefly announced at the closing session, we plan to leave some tangible trace of the main results of our meeting. Benjamins has again offered to publish selected papers from the Vienna meeting in their series Current Issues in Linguistic Theory. It will be a volume of at most 350 pages, which corresponds to some 20 articles. The volume will bear the same title as the meeting: "Variation and Change in Morphology". There will be a double reviewing process, one organized by ourselves and then one at Benjamins. Thematic adherence to the main theme will be one criterion for inclusion in the volume, that is, variation and/or change should be at the heart of the theoretical discussion, not just a side issue. The second criterion will be quality.

Each participant of the meeting who thinks to fulfil these two criteria is invited to submit at most one paper for publication, independently of whether it was delivered as a talk or as a poster, in the main sessions or in one of the workshops. Some of the workshops, by the way, plan their own publication. The manuscript must not exceed 7000 words and reach us at the latest by June 15, 2008. It must be sent, formatted according to the style-sheet, to the address by now familiar to you. Please add pdf-version, and special fonts if used.